scholarships and awards

Scholarships and Awards



Student Engineer of the Year Award is a prestigious honor:

The eight programs of the UW College of Engineering and Applied Science (Architectural, Civil, Chemical, Petroleum, Electrical, Computer, Mechanical, and Energy Systems) each nominate their top graduating senior for this award.  The Scholarships and Awards Committee reviews the nominees’ written nomination forms and interviews each of the candidates to select the Student Engineer of the Year.  The award recipient receives an unrestricted grant of $2,500 and each of the seven Honorees receives a $1,250 grant.  WES sponsors all nominees to attend the annual convention to be recognized at the Awards Banquet.

Award winner and Honorees for 2020:

Student Engineer of the Year

Aisha Balogun Mohammed - Computer Eng - Laramie, Wy

Program Honorees

Kenny Plant – Architectural Eng - Laramie, Wyoming

Kennedee True – Chemical Eng - Laramie, Wyoming

Dallin Call – Petroleum Eng - Laramie, Wyoming

John Higgins – Civil Eng – Laramie, Wyoming

Abbey Brasher – Mechanical  Eng – Laramie, Wyoming

Brenna Fankell – Electrical Eng – Laramie, Wyoming

Brianna Diaz - Energy Systems - Laramie, Wyoming


Eight Scholarships total $10,000:

  • Past Presidents’ Scholarship – a $2,500 award established to honor the past presidents of the Society.  This scholarship is bestowed on a Junior for use during the Senior year.
  • General Scholarships – two $2,000 scholarships given to Juniors for use during the Senior year.
  • Surveyors Scholarship – a $2,000 scholarship given to a Junior pursuing completion of the academic requirements to become a Professional Land Surveyor, for use during the Senior year.
  • Carl Oslund Scholarship – a $1,500 scholarship established by the family of Carl Oslund in his memory.  Mr. Oslund was a longtime member of WES and served as president in 1965-66.  This scholarship is awarded to a Sophomore for use during the Junior year.

Scholarship winners for the 2020-2021 academic year

Past Presidents’ Scholarship

Amanda Christensen

General Scholarship

Wyatt Leadens

John Denigan

Jayden Forbes

Emma Wilson

Carl Oslund Scholarship

Oreoluwa Babetunde

James Sheets

Megan Vande Steeg


The Selection Process requires coordinated effort:

For all scholarships, except the Incoming Freshman Scholarship, the WES Scholarships and Awards Committee distributes application forms and announcements at the beginning of the Spring semester with a submittal deadline near the middle of February.  The committee then rates each of the written applications and the candidates with the best scores are invited to participate in an interview with the committee.  Selection is made based on the written application and interview performance.

The UW Engineering Summer Program (ESP) encourages high school students to explore engineering as a choice for college and for life.

The UW College of Engineering and Applied Science and the Wyoming Engineering Society, in conjunction with the J. Kenneth & Pat Kennedy Endowment, offer high school juniors anopportunity to participate in a summer program of hands-on experiences in various engineering fields.  Participants can choose to build a digital circuit, study solutions to an environmental issue, test the aerodynamics of a tennis racket, or design timber trusses.  Laboratory sessions provide basic instruction – students put their knowledge to the test.

As an ESP Scholar, participants work one-on-one with faculty members specializing in the student’s interest areas.  Curiosity and enthusiasm - not tests and grades - inspire discovery.  This program expands horizons, develops creative thinking and problem solving skills, and challenges imagination.

ESP is held on the University of Wyoming campus, with some of the best laboratories and equipment in the Rocky Mountain region.  Thirty students are selected to participate in the program.

For more information on ESP at the University of Wyoming, click here à ESP



JustinTerfehr, Chairman
Laramie, WY 82072

Committee members:

Derrick Thompson ~ Angie Schrader ~ Joe Lord ~ Thomas V Edgar 

David Whitman 


Assisting the WES Scholarships and Awards Committee are a group of volunteer coordinators representing each of the programs of the College of Engineering and Applied Science:

Architectural Engineering – Anthony Denzer

Civil Engineering – Anthony Denzer

Chemical Engineering - David Bagley

Petroleum Engineering – Denny Coon

Electrical/Computer Engineering – John Pierre

Mechanical/Energy Systems Engineering – Denny Coon

Surveying Program – TBD


Various revenue sources fund the Scholarships and Awards Program:

  • earnings from the WES Undergraduate Education Trust established in 2002 at the University of Wyoming;
  • earnings from other investments;
  • direct contributions to the Scholarships and Awards Program; and,
  • general revenue not required for the operation of WES.